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Centrum voor gehandicapten, Aleppo, gebombardeerd

Waar gespeeld werd is nu alleen nog stof en puin. Gelukkig is niemand gewond geraakt.        Het door SHHS incidenteel financieel ondersteunde centrum voor gehandicapten in Oost-Aleppo is tot 2 x toe gebombardeerd. Er was heel recent geld ter beschikking gesteld voor o.m. activiteiten en incontinentie-materiaal. Dat geld wordt nu gebruikt voor restauratie. Naar verwachting is er spoedig weer opvang voor de kinderen.

Dokters onder vuur! “STOP THE BOMBS”

“If I die, but 100 live it will be worth it. I am doing my job.” Chirurg in Aleppo   Zie:  en teken ook de brief aan Obama en Kerry voor een no-fly zone boven Aleppo.     Dr. Samer Attar schreef de volgende brief: I am an American surgeon who recently spent two weeks working in an underground hospital in eastern Aleppo, Syria. I have been there a few times, and each time I […]

….. ondertussen in Syria: 224 doden …. en de wereld is zo stil!

  Martin Luther King jr. zei het al: “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Vandaag zegt het “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”: between 6 and 12 June – the first week of the Islamic holy month of fasting – at least 224 people were killed, among them 148 civilians, including 50 children and 15 women, all killed as helicopters […]

Aanval op ziekenhuis in Aleppo – april 2016

“Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.” I am Dr Hatem, the director of the Children’s Hospital in Aleppo. Last night, 27 staff and patients were killed in an airstrike on Al Quds Hospital nearby. My friend Dr Muhammad Waseem Maaz, the city’s most qualified paediatrician, was killed in the attack. He used to work at our Children’s Hospital during the day and then he’d go to Al Quds Hospital to attend to emergencies […]

Stefan O’Brien (UNHCR): betoog over de situatie in Syrie voor de Veiligheidsraad – april 2016

Stefan O’Brien (opvolger van Valerie Amos) hield een sterk betoog over de hartverscheurende humanitaire situatie in Syrie voor de Veiligheidsraad dd 28 april 2016.   …….. The human toll and suffering is sickening…..For many who are merely surviving, life is miserable. Deliberately deprives of food and medicins, many face the most appaling conditions of desolation, hunger and starvation. …….. The removal of medicins and medical supplies from aid convoys continues. …….. Frankly, I am not […]

5 jaar oorlog: “May this anniversary be the last one.”

After five years of a brutal and senseless conflict………….Syria today is a very different place – almost unrecognizable in parts – that will take generations to rebuild. The United Nations, NGOs and partners have seized new opportunities to reach people who have had nothing for a very long time. …….. While we are starting to get basic supplies to communities who have been cut off for months or more, it is just not enough. For […]

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